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What to Expect on the Day of Your Test



When to Arrive

We will arrive 10 minutes early for your test.  This will give you time to relax before you begin and will avoid any stresses of arriving late and potentially missing the test!



What to Bring

The examiner will meet you in the waiting room and ask you see your provisional licence - Without these you won’t be able to take the test.  It’s a good idea to have a copy of your booking confirmation with you as well as your theory test pass certificate in case there is a problem with your booking.



Eyesight Check

You will be asked to do an eyesight check where you have to read a number plate that is 20m away.



Show Me / Tell Me Questions

At the start of your test you will be asked one of a potential 14 "Tell me" questions.

You will have to EXPLAIN how you carry out a safety check.

During the test you will be asked one of a potential 7 "Show me" questions.

You will have to SHOW how you carry out the safety check.

If you get a question wrong you will receive a minor mark.  You are allowed 15 minor marks before failing the test but get off to a good confident start and learn all 19 questions.


Driving on Your Test

The test lasts 40 minutes and will include 20 minutes of independent driving where you will be asked to follow road signs or a Sat Nav.  You will also be asked to complete one reversing manoeuvre.  1 in every 3 tests also does a controlled stop.  If you are required to turn left or right the examiner will ask you to do so.  However if you are approaching a junction where the examiner hasn’t given you any other directions, you are required to follow the road ahead.

Independent Driving

This section of the test will last 20 minutes and you will be asked either to follow signs

or to follow a basic map consisting of about 3 directions to remember. 

Please see the example opposite.

If you forget which way to go you should ask the examiner to remind you.  The most

important thing to remember is that you remain driving safetly (even if you go the

wrong way).

Alternatively you will be asked to follow at Sat Nav.

Reversing Manoeuvres

In the lessons leading up to your test we will ensure you are confident in completing all of the following 4 manoeuvres.

  • Parallel park

  • Park on the right then reverse two car lengths

  • Reverse into a parking bay

  • Drive forwards into a parking bay and reverse out again

The examiner will pick one manoeuvre for you to do.  Take your time and ensure that you are doing plenty of observations so that you are always aware of what’s happening around the car.



Controlled Stop

If you are required to do the controlled stop the examiner will explain to you that you have to drive on and pick up your speed like you normally would.  They will check around the car to ensure it is safe for you to brake harshly and then will put their hand up and say “stop”.  You must stop the car as quickly as you can as if you are in an emergency.



End of Test debrief

Once the test is completed the examiner will let you know whether you were successful.  To pass the test you can’t make 1 serious or dangerous driving fault.  You can have no more than 15 minor driving faults.  They will normally explain any serious faults that you have made to help you in the future.

When you pass the test they can take your provisional licence from you and send your replacement full UK licence to you in the post.  If you prefer you can keep hold of your provisional and send away for your new licence yourself.

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